The Voice Finale Season 12 Predictions

Over 46,000 people auditioned for Season 12 of the Voice (according to recent eliminee Brennley Brown) and four remain. Now, it is time to figure out who will come away with a win and who will fall just short.


Winner: Lauren Duski (Team Blake)

Image result for lauren duski

I firmly believed that America was going to pick Lauren as the winner of the season, even when Hunter Plake was contending with her on iTunes. Now, that Plake is gone, Team Blake will almost certainly pick up its sixth win.

Runner up: Chris Blue (Team Alicia)

Image result for chris blue

Chris is the only one that stands a chance against Lauren, but even still I don’t think that this early frontrunning soul singer will take the win from Team Blake’s country gal.

Third place: Aliyah Moulden (Team Blake)

Image result for aliyah moulden

Aliyah also ascended into the finale with two emotional performances in the past two weeks, but her improvements may have come too late to contend for the win.

Fourth place: Jesse Larson (Team Adam)

Image result for jesse larson

This dark horse was able to earn a spot in the finale over frontrunners Hunter Plake and Brennley Brown, but based on the Voice history, this instantly saved contestant will place fourth.

-Sean from Competition Shows


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