Survivor: Game Changers Finals Recap

So, after weeks of intense tribal councils and excellent game play, one deserving player beat out nineteen of the finest other castaways in Survivor history. Below, I summarize the placements of the top 6 contestants on the 34th season of Survivor.

Winner: Sarah Lacina

Sarah Lacina

Finally, a jury made the right decision. Ever since underdog Michele beat out strategic powerhouse Aubry in Koah Rong, I was concerned that the jury wouldn’t reward Sarah’s badass playing style. She certainly earned the title of sole survivor, and I don’t think anyone saw it coming heading into day 1.

Runner up: Brad Culpepper

Brad Culpepper

I really did not expect Brad to be runner up going into the night. However, he had momentum after keeping a solid alliance with Troyzan all the way to the end, with the two picking off targets like Aubry and Tai on the way to the end. He had won five immunity challenges, and it was clear that the vote would be split between him and Sarah.

Third place: Troyzan Robertson

Troyzan Roberts

Going into the episode, I thought that Troyzan was the only contestant that would not be able to win if he made the finals. However, going into tribal I really felt that he had the best relationships with the jury members and could stand a chance. Unfortunately for him, the jurors made the right decision in rewarding Brad and Sarah, both of who made bigger moves throughout the course of the game.

Fourth place: Tai Trang

ear page

Once again, Sarah had an opportunity to flip on Troyzan, and possibly head into the finals with Tai and Brad, but instead she blindsided Tai. I wanted Tai to make it to the end, and thought he really had a good chance of doing so.

Fifth place: Aubry Bracco

Aubry Bracco

I really felt that Sarah and Tai were going to flip against Troyzan, but instead they went with the safe vote and took out Aubry. I do think that Aubry would be more dangerous than Troyzan at the final tribal, but I also was devastated that my Koah Rong favorite had her torch snuffed for the first time;(

Sixth place: Cirie Field

Cirie Fields

This was so disappointing for the Survivor legend to go out in such a crazy Tribal. After all, this was the first time that a castaway was sent packing for the sole reason that they were the only player that hadn’t become immune because of a challenge, advantage, or idol. I was sobbing when she was eliminated, and wanted her to go all the way to the end.

-Sean from Competition Shows


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