The Amazing Race Season 29: Top 3 Rankings

After the most shocking elimination (Matt and Redmond) of the season, three teams remain to compete in the finals of the 29th season of The Amazing Race. Below, I rank the remaining pairs from strongest to weakest.

1.) Tara and Joey

Image result for tara and joey

Tara and Joey’s toughest competition was eliminated last night, so they have good chances of winning the race. However, they have been beat by both of the other remaining teams now, and they are definitely not a locked winner.

2.) Brooke and Scott

Related image

Brooke and Scott are coming off of a win in the semi-finals leg, so even though they had struggled getting along up until them, they are in it to win it.

3.) London and Logan

Image result for london and logan

Honestly, I think the final leg could go any which way, and London and Logan can definitely come out on top. However, they have been massive underdogs, and are the only team out of the three to never have won a leg yet. We’ll see if they can pull out of win.

Sean from Competition Shows


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  1. kingdombookblog · May 28

    Go London and Logan!

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