Celebs I Would Love to Be Coaches on the Voice

Below, I list some incredible singers that would be great coaches on The Voice.

1.) Meghan Trainor

Image result for meghan trainor

Why: Because Meghan’s current success would help shift the attention to the Voice rather than American Idol

Replacement for: Gwen/Miley/Christina/Kelly/Shakira

2.) Justin Timberlake

Image result for justin timberlake

Why: Because he’s a music legend and would bring lots of comedy to the show

Replacement for: Adam

3.) Emeli Sandè

Image result for emeli sande

Why: Because her songs have been frequently covered on the show and has been a longtime musical success

Replacement for: Alicia/Pharrell/Usher/CeeLo/Jennifer

4.) Jessie J

Related image

Why: Because Jessie was a coach on The Voice UK and is known for her explosive voice.

Replacement for: Gwen/Miley/Christina/Kelly/Shakira

5.) Brendon Urie

Image result for brendon urie

Why: Because he’s the hugely successful lead vocalist for Panic! at the Disco and girls LOVE him

Replacement for: Adam

6.) Luke Bryan

Image result for luke bryan

Why: Because he, along with the current country judge, are the two most successful country singers at the moment and he has already been a key adviser in the battles

Replacement for: Blake


7.) Drake

Image result for drake

Why: Because he’s arguably the most popular male singer/rapper and is a social media powerhouse

Replacement for: Alicia/Pharrell/Usher/CeeLo/Jennifer

8.) Selena Gomez

Image result for selena gomez

Why: Because she has the most Instagram followers to advertise the show and has been a mentor on the show already

Replacement for: Gwen/Miley/Christina/Kelly/Shakira

9.) Keith Urban

Image result for keith urban

Why: Because he’s coached American Idol and is rapidly regaining his country fame

Replacement for: Blake

10.) Bruno Mars

Image result for bruno mars

Why: He’s performed on the show before and has a famously humorous personality

Replacement for: Alicia/Pharrell/Usher/CeeLo/Jennifer

Sean from Competition Shows


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