World of Dance Season 1 Duels (NIGHT 1)

Recently, I have been into the new dance TV competition, World of Dance, so I thought I would recap the second round of eliminations for the first season, the duels. My grades for each act is based on the five categories used in the show’s judges system (Performance, Technique, Choreography, Creativity & Presentation).

Upper Duel: Fik-Shun vs. Nick Daniels

My scores:

Fik-Shun-88 (16+20+17+17+18)

Nick Daniels-89 (18+18+18+18+17)

Judges scores:

Fik-Shun-90.7 (WINNER)

Nick Daniels-87.7 (ELIMINATED)

Both of these dancers stood out to me as frontrunners based on their auditions, so I was eager to see which came out on top. My initial prediction was Fik-Shun, a favorite of mine, due to his previous success, but after both performances I was not sure. Both had impressive routines, but Nick seemed to stray farther from his audition which was refreshing. I had mixed emotions when the judges chose Fik-Shun as the winner because my favorite remained safe but a great talent was sent packing.

Junior Duel: Swing Latino vs. Miami All-Stars

My scores:

Swing Latino-91 (18+18+18+18+19)

Miami All-Stars-91 (19+18+17+19+18)

Judges scores:

Swing Latino-91.7 (WINNER)

Miami All-Stars-88.3 (ELIMINATED)

I thought that Swing Latino would crush their competition, considering Miami All-Stars was a group that I thought deserved to be eliminated based on their first performance. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the tenacity that the members of the underdog group showcased during their performance. I preferred their routine more than their opponent’s. I was disappointed when the judges awarded Swing Latino with the win.

Junior Duel: KynTay vs. Eva Igo

My scores:

KynTay-81 (14+17+17+16+17)

Eva Igo-91 (18+19+18+18+18)

Judges scores:

KynTay-82.7 (ELIMINATED)

Eva Igo-89 (WINNER)

Eva was a favorite of mine from the first round, so I was confused when the host, Jenna, stated that KynTay would be the crowd favorites heading into the duel. They were montaged and received a lower score than Eva, so I was intrigued to see their performance after Jenna’s contradictory comment about them. After both performances, I was certain that Eva deserved to win and was thrilled that she came out on top.

Upper Duel: Keone and Mari vs. Quick Style

My scores:

Keone and Mari-95 (19+20+19+19+18)

Quick Style-94 (19+20+19+17+19)

Judges scores:

Keone and Mari-91.3 (WINNER)

Quick Style-89.3 (ELIMINATED)

I LOVED Keone and Mari in the first round and was baffled by there low score (85) so I was especially concerned when they were paired against the precise powerhouse group that is Quick Style. I totally understood why the judges claimed this duel to be the closest because both acts brought excitement to the stage. I preferred Keone and Mari’s performance but thought the judges were leaning towards Quick Style. I was once again pleased yet dissatisfied with the result of this duel.

Sean from Competition Shows


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