World of Dance Season 1 Duels (NIGHT 1)

Recently, I have been into the new dance TV competition, World of Dance, so I thought I would recap the second round of eliminations for the first season, the duels. My grades for each act is based on the five categories used in the show’s judges system (Performance, Technique, Choreography, Creativity & Presentation).

Upper Duel: Fik-Shun vs. Nick Daniels

My scores:

Fik-Shun-88 (16+20+17+17+18)

Nick Daniels-89 (18+18+18+18+17)

Judges scores:

Fik-Shun-90.7 (WINNER)

Nick Daniels-87.7 (ELIMINATED)

Both of these dancers stood out to me as frontrunners based on their auditions, so I was eager to see which came out on top. My initial prediction was Fik-Shun, a favorite of mine, due to his previous success, but after both performances I was not sure. Both had impressive routines, but Nick seemed to stray farther from his audition which was refreshing. I had mixed emotions when the judges chose Fik-Shun as the winner because my favorite remained safe but a great talent was sent packing.

Junior Duel: Swing Latino vs. Miami All-Stars

My scores:

Swing Latino-91 (18+18+18+18+19)

Miami All-Stars-91 (19+18+17+19+18)

Judges scores:

Swing Latino-91.7 (WINNER)

Miami All-Stars-88.3 (ELIMINATED)

I thought that Swing Latino would crush their competition, considering Miami All-Stars was a group that I thought deserved to be eliminated based on their first performance. However, I was pleasantly surprised by the tenacity that the members of the underdog group showcased during their performance. I preferred their routine more than their opponent’s. I was disappointed when the judges awarded Swing Latino with the win.

Junior Duel: KynTay vs. Eva Igo

My scores:

KynTay-81 (14+17+17+16+17)

Eva Igo-91 (18+19+18+18+18)

Judges scores:

KynTay-82.7 (ELIMINATED)

Eva Igo-89 (WINNER)

Eva was a favorite of mine from the first round, so I was confused when the host, Jenna, stated that KynTay would be the crowd favorites heading into the duel. They were montaged and received a lower score than Eva, so I was intrigued to see their performance after Jenna’s contradictory comment about them. After both performances, I was certain that Eva deserved to win and was thrilled that she came out on top.

Upper Duel: Keone and Mari vs. Quick Style

My scores:

Keone and Mari-95 (19+20+19+19+18)

Quick Style-94 (19+20+19+17+19)

Judges scores:

Keone and Mari-91.3 (WINNER)

Quick Style-89.3 (ELIMINATED)

I LOVED Keone and Mari in the first round and was baffled by there low score (85) so I was especially concerned when they were paired against the precise powerhouse group that is Quick Style. I totally understood why the judges claimed this duel to be the closest because both acts brought excitement to the stage. I preferred Keone and Mari’s performance but thought the judges were leaning towards Quick Style. I was once again pleased yet dissatisfied with the result of this duel.

Sean from Competition Shows

Celebs I Would Love to Be Coaches on the Voice

Below, I list some incredible singers that would be great coaches on The Voice.

1.) Meghan Trainor

Image result for meghan trainor

Why: Because Meghan’s current success would help shift the attention to the Voice rather than American Idol

Replacement for: Gwen/Miley/Christina/Kelly/Shakira

2.) Justin Timberlake

Image result for justin timberlake

Why: Because he’s a music legend and would bring lots of comedy to the show

Replacement for: Adam

3.) Emeli Sandè

Image result for emeli sande

Why: Because her songs have been frequently covered on the show and has been a longtime musical success

Replacement for: Alicia/Pharrell/Usher/CeeLo/Jennifer

4.) Jessie J

Related image

Why: Because Jessie was a coach on The Voice UK and is known for her explosive voice.

Replacement for: Gwen/Miley/Christina/Kelly/Shakira

5.) Brendon Urie

Image result for brendon urie

Why: Because he’s the hugely successful lead vocalist for Panic! at the Disco and girls LOVE him

Replacement for: Adam

6.) Luke Bryan

Image result for luke bryan

Why: Because he, along with the current country judge, are the two most successful country singers at the moment and he has already been a key adviser in the battles

Replacement for: Blake


7.) Drake

Image result for drake

Why: Because he’s arguably the most popular male singer/rapper and is a social media powerhouse

Replacement for: Alicia/Pharrell/Usher/CeeLo/Jennifer

8.) Selena Gomez

Image result for selena gomez

Why: Because she has the most Instagram followers to advertise the show and has been a mentor on the show already

Replacement for: Gwen/Miley/Christina/Kelly/Shakira

9.) Keith Urban

Image result for keith urban

Why: Because he’s coached American Idol and is rapidly regaining his country fame

Replacement for: Blake

10.) Bruno Mars

Image result for bruno mars

Why: He’s performed on the show before and has a famously humorous personality

Replacement for: Alicia/Pharrell/Usher/CeeLo/Jennifer

Sean from Competition Shows

The Amazing Race Season 29: Top 3 Rankings

After the most shocking elimination (Matt and Redmond) of the season, three teams remain to compete in the finals of the 29th season of The Amazing Race. Below, I rank the remaining pairs from strongest to weakest.

1.) Tara and Joey

Image result for tara and joey

Tara and Joey’s toughest competition was eliminated last night, so they have good chances of winning the race. However, they have been beat by both of the other remaining teams now, and they are definitely not a locked winner.

2.) Brooke and Scott

Related image

Brooke and Scott are coming off of a win in the semi-finals leg, so even though they had struggled getting along up until them, they are in it to win it.

3.) London and Logan

Image result for london and logan

Honestly, I think the final leg could go any which way, and London and Logan can definitely come out on top. However, they have been massive underdogs, and are the only team out of the three to never have won a leg yet. We’ll see if they can pull out of win.

Sean from Competition Shows

Survivor: Game Changers Finals Recap

So, after weeks of intense tribal councils and excellent game play, one deserving player beat out nineteen of the finest other castaways in Survivor history. Below, I summarize the placements of the top 6 contestants on the 34th season of Survivor.

Winner: Sarah Lacina

Sarah Lacina

Finally, a jury made the right decision. Ever since underdog Michele beat out strategic powerhouse Aubry in Koah Rong, I was concerned that the jury wouldn’t reward Sarah’s badass playing style. She certainly earned the title of sole survivor, and I don’t think anyone saw it coming heading into day 1.

Runner up: Brad Culpepper

Brad Culpepper

I really did not expect Brad to be runner up going into the night. However, he had momentum after keeping a solid alliance with Troyzan all the way to the end, with the two picking off targets like Aubry and Tai on the way to the end. He had won five immunity challenges, and it was clear that the vote would be split between him and Sarah.

Third place: Troyzan Robertson

Troyzan Roberts

Going into the episode, I thought that Troyzan was the only contestant that would not be able to win if he made the finals. However, going into tribal I really felt that he had the best relationships with the jury members and could stand a chance. Unfortunately for him, the jurors made the right decision in rewarding Brad and Sarah, both of who made bigger moves throughout the course of the game.

Fourth place: Tai Trang

ear page

Once again, Sarah had an opportunity to flip on Troyzan, and possibly head into the finals with Tai and Brad, but instead she blindsided Tai. I wanted Tai to make it to the end, and thought he really had a good chance of doing so.

Fifth place: Aubry Bracco

Aubry Bracco

I really felt that Sarah and Tai were going to flip against Troyzan, but instead they went with the safe vote and took out Aubry. I do think that Aubry would be more dangerous than Troyzan at the final tribal, but I also was devastated that my Koah Rong favorite had her torch snuffed for the first time;(

Sixth place: Cirie Field

Cirie Fields

This was so disappointing for the Survivor legend to go out in such a crazy Tribal. After all, this was the first time that a castaway was sent packing for the sole reason that they were the only player that hadn’t become immune because of a challenge, advantage, or idol. I was sobbing when she was eliminated, and wanted her to go all the way to the end.

-Sean from Competition Shows

Alicia Keys Leaves Victorious // The Voice Finals Season 12 Results

Wow, Season 12 of the Voice has already concluded, and a winner has been crowned. You would think after shocking early eliminations like Kawan Debose, Stephanie Rice, and semi-finalist Hunter Plake, I should have been prepared for the shock of the season. But, as you’ve probably figured out, I wasn’t. Below, I recap each finalist’s performances (covers, duets, and original songs) and discuss the result show.

*all rights to the videos belong to the Voice Youtube channel so go subscribe to them 🙂

Part 1: Covers

Jesse Larson-“Takin’ It to the Streets” // Grade: B+

I was curious as to what Adam would select for his dark horse finalist, and after watching Jesse’s performance, I’m not sure if I agree with the choice. In a night filled with belters like Chris Blue and inspirations like Lauren Duski, Jesse blended in. He was quite forgettable, and it was an unfortunate time for a favorite of mine to have a mediocre performance.

Lauren Duski-“The Dance” // Grade: A

Even though Lauren hit some unexpected rough notes, her overall presentation and performance was undeniably impressive. Not only did she deliver a mesmerizing, breath-taking vocal, but she convinced me that she deserved to win the show. I was rooting for her for the rest of the show.

Aliyah Moulden-“Signed, Sealed, Delivered, I’m Yours” // Grade B+

I don’t know why Blake though that this upbeat song was the best decision for Aliyah’s finale performance, but I, and many others, can firmly disagree. With Aliyah’s success with “Jealous” and “I Can Only Imagine,” she was poised to sing a powerful ballad like “Hallelujah” and sneak into the top two, or even win the entire show. However, this performance was easily forgotten, just like Jesse’s.

Chris Blue-“Rhythm Nation” // Grade: A

Closing off the night, Chris delivered his best performance this season in my opinion. While, I did not think he was going to win, I thought that this rendition felt like a winning anthem. Chris sounded amazing and DANCED his butt off. Incredible.

Part 2: Duets w/ Coaches

Chris Blue w/ Alicia Keys-“Diamonds and Pearls” // Grade: A

WOW. Alicia sounds flawless recorded, and identically flawless live! The two soul singers sent sparks flying with this show-stopping duet. Certainly, the best collaboration of the night.

Aliyah Moulden w/ Blake Shelton-“Dancing in the Street” // Grade: C

What a mess. Aliyah sounded good of course, but not only did the song choice fail, but so did Mr. Blake Shelton. The country powerhouse sounded terrible, completely ruining the entire performance. But its all right; after all Blake isn’t known for his “pop” vocals.

Jesse Larson w/ Adam Levine-“Let’s Go Crazy” // Grade: B+

This was more of a guitar showcase full of mad shredding than a powerful vocal performance, but either way this was exciting and refreshing.

Lauren Duski w/ Blake Shelton-“There’s a Tear in My Beer” // Grade: B+

I think it’s safe to assume this isn’t the last time these two country stars will team up to put on a successful performance. Very good job by both sides, just didn’t stand out against the rest.

Part 3: Original Songs

Aliyah Moulden-“Never Be Lonely” // Grade: B+

Kicking off the show, Aliyah delivered a fun and entertaining performance to a song that had some jazz and pop influences that would sound great on the radio. Definitely not a strong vocal performance, but certainly fun to watch

Chris Blue-“Money on You” // Grade: A-

This was the only song of the night that I downloaded on Apple Music, and this was certainly an exhilarating performance. If it wasn’t for the lack of success of previous Voice contestants, I could see Chris gaining many fans with music like this.

Jesse Larson-“Woman” // Grade: B+

I would’ve honestly preferred if Chris Stapleton had sang this song himself, but Jesse did a great job with this tune. I figured that this would be Jesse’s highest charted single on iTunes of the season (and I was correct).

Lauren Duski-“Deja Vu” // Grade: A

Far and above, the best original song ever released during a Voice finale. This performance was heart-breaking and beautiful. I absolutely adored it and Lauren certainly solidified a new fan in me after this emotional song.

Part 4: Results

Going into the results show on Tuesday, there was a clear top two (Lauren and Chris) and a clear bottom two (Aliyah and Jesse) based on each artist’s individual performances and their iTunes ranking. My prediction remained the same as it was prior to Monday’s show; Lauren wins, Chris is runner-up, Aliyah and Jesse third and fourth respectively. I really did not expect any other order. And boy was I wrong. I will get to the announcement of the placing in a second, but first I’m going to share some highlight performances from Tuesday’s show.

Hunter+Gwen-“Don’t Speak” // I was thrilled to learn that semi-finalist Hunter Plake would be returning to the stage to perform “Don’t Speak” with his coach Gwen Stefani. This did not disappoint, with the angst captivating the audience, and Hunter’s vocals nearly upstaging Gwen’s. This performance was captivating.

Jennifer Hudson-“Remember Me” // AHHH I LOVE JENNIFER HUDSON. I am highly anticipating this powerful vocalist’s debut on the Voice Season 13 this fall, and this performance was the icing on the cake for my anticipation. She looked and sounded fantastic, and I was nearly drooling over her awesomeness.

Anyways, after Jennifer Hudson’s amazing performance, Carson Daly brought out the four finalists.

First, he announced the finalist in fourth place: Jesse Larson.

Image result for jesse larson

Then, he announced the finalist in third place: Aliyah Moulden.

Image result for aliyah moulden

Neither of these placements shocked me, so I was eagerly anticipating the winner’s announcement, but of course Carson cut to a commercial break to further my anxiety;)

After the seemingly endless intermission, Carson revealed the winner to be the last person to audition this season; Chris Blue.

Image result for chris blue

Meaning, Lauren Duski, long-time favorite, was runner-up.

Image result for lauren duski

With this shocker, Chris Blue gave Alicia Keys her first win as a coach, became the first one-chair-turn to win the show, and proved that its best to save the best for last.

-Sean from Competition Shows

The Voice Finale Season 12 Predictions

Over 46,000 people auditioned for Season 12 of the Voice (according to recent eliminee Brennley Brown) and four remain. Now, it is time to figure out who will come away with a win and who will fall just short.


Winner: Lauren Duski (Team Blake)

Image result for lauren duski

I firmly believed that America was going to pick Lauren as the winner of the season, even when Hunter Plake was contending with her on iTunes. Now, that Plake is gone, Team Blake will almost certainly pick up its sixth win.

Runner up: Chris Blue (Team Alicia)

Image result for chris blue

Chris is the only one that stands a chance against Lauren, but even still I don’t think that this early frontrunning soul singer will take the win from Team Blake’s country gal.

Third place: Aliyah Moulden (Team Blake)

Image result for aliyah moulden

Aliyah also ascended into the finale with two emotional performances in the past two weeks, but her improvements may have come too late to contend for the win.

Fourth place: Jesse Larson (Team Adam)

Image result for jesse larson

This dark horse was able to earn a spot in the finale over frontrunners Hunter Plake and Brennley Brown, but based on the Voice history, this instantly saved contestant will place fourth.

-Sean from Competition Shows