The Amazing Race Season 29: Top 4 Rankings

4 teams remain **bye bye Becca and Floyd ;(** in the 29th season of The Amazing Race, and some teams are emerging as frontrunners while others are rapidly falling behind. Below, I rank the remaining pairs from strongest to weakest.

1.) Matt and Redmond

Image result for matt and redmond

The two have showed promising teamwork and outstanding athleticism; they seem like locks for the finals.

2.) Tara and Joey

Image result for tara and joey

Tara and Joey survived a speed bump with ease, finishing in the top 3. I think that even though they lost some of their momentum in the Vietnam legs, they are going to finish strong.

3.) Brooke and Scott

Related image

Brooke and Scott continue to argue a lot, but always seem to find their way out of the tough situations. I think their luck may earn them spot in the top 3.


4.) London and Logan

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Continually, London and Logan have been in the bottom half of the competition. However, I would not count them out for an underdog sneak into the finale.


-Sean from Competition Shows

Shocking Eliminations Shake Up the Competition // The Voice Semi-Finals Season 12 Results

Image result for the voice semifinals season 12

In one of the most shocking semi-final eliminations in Voice history, one front running coach was left without a single team member moving forward into the finale. In addition, Carson Daly introduced a new twist, stating that each contestant would pair up with another to perform a duet that would be eligible for votes.

In this recap, I will discuss Monday night’s performances as well as the bloodbath that occurred during the results night on Tuesday.

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Part 1: Individual Peformances

Hunter Plake-“With or Without You” // Grade: B

After Hunter’s dominant past few weeks, I was shocked to see the indie singer¬†open the show in what many viewers call “the death spot.” However, my initial reaction¬†was immediately set aside when I found out that Gwen had given him¬†“With or Without You” by U2, arguably one of the greatest modern day classics.

Unfortunately, this was not Hunter’s greatest showcase. Don’t get me wrong, Hunter has been a favorite of mine ever since his mesmerizing rendition of “Dancing on my Own” in the Battles, but I was let down by this performance. The beginning verses were especially rough, his voice barely audible for quite some time, but¬†it was refreshing once he went back to exerting the full power of his voice. Even still, the entire¬†performance as a whole felt dry compared to the creative covers that Hunter has done in the past.

The coaches were stunned by Hunter’s performance. Blake called this his best performance and Gwen vouched for her team member, citing his creativity. I wasn’t nearly as impressed but I was still praying¬†that Hunter’s massive fan base would come to his rescue.

TSoul-“Ain’t No Way” // Grade: C+

I was certain that this would be the end of the road for TSoul heading into this week, but after learning his song choice I thought he would¬†have a chance. “Ain’t No Way” is a song that has had large success on the show from singers like Season 6’s belter Sisuandra Lewis and Season 10’s finalist Hannah Huston, so I was eager for his performance.

Once again, I was significantly let down. TSoul has never been a favorite of mine, but coming off of an extremely successful week with a Billy Vera classic, I was hoping he had made improvements to his over-the-top theatrics and his flawed pitch. Nope. This performance was especially off-key with note choices that had me scratching my head. I have no doubt in my mind that TSoul could have had a breakout moment but it was as if he was trying too hard. Either way, no one can deny the fact that TSoul poured his heart and soul (no pun intended) into this song.

Of course the coaches approved of TSoul’s efforts, but their praise lacked the excitement that they had when commenting on Hunter’s performance. Regardless, it was clear TSoul’s strained showing was not going to compete with belters like Jesse and Chris.

Brennley Brown-“Suds in the Bucket” // Grade: B+

My prediction was that Brennley would edge out Chris for the third spot in the final (behind Lauren and Hunter), but after learning that the youngest singer in the competition (thanks Carson) would be singing “Suds in the Bucket,” I wasn’t so sure. I knew Chris would be coming out with all the stops, and was surprised that Gwen gave Brennley a song out of the folk-country singer’s usual comfort zone on such a risky week.

This was the first time of the night that I was pleasantly surprised by an individual performance. While this certainly wasn’t Brennley’s best, there was really nothing wrong with her vocal. The only reason this performance didn’t live up to her others is due to the trifling nature of the song.

The coaches gushed about her performance, but it was mostly Gwen, Brennley’s coach, would was dishing most of the praise. I wasn’t sure where Brennley’s rendition would put her with so many performances left, but I definitely didn’t count her out either.

Lauren Duski-“Ghost in This House” // Grade: A

Looks like we have a winner America! Consistently, Lauren has charted on iTunes fantastically and has emerged as¬†the¬†frontrunner. I don’t want her to win (even though she will) because she is such an obvious choice and I prefer an underdog, and I also am sick of country singers winning almost every season. Regardless, she is an amazing talent and definitely a favorite of mine.

I was unfamiliar with this song (not a huge fan of country music) but she tackled a classic and did an AMAZING job with it. She is an outstanding storyteller, and she is always a refresher from all the loud, soulful voices that fill up the competition. I predicted that she would go to #1 on the iTunes chart with this performance (spoiler: i was right) and was so thrilled after this performance.

Once again, the coaches raved about the season’s frontrunner, and I found that after this performance and a disappointing one from Hunter (the other favorite) she lengthened her lead over the rest of the competition.

Chris Blue-“Take Me To the King” // Grade: A-

When I heard Chris, an early frontrunner but not a favorite of mine, would be singing a religious song, I knew Alicia was set on having a team member in the finals. This song could not have been more timely, as I knew right away America was going to fall for it as they did for religious performances in the past (example: “Break Every Chain” by Paxton Ingram, “How Great Thou Art” by Koryn Hawthorne).

This actually turned out to be a least favorite performance of his for me; it just wasn’t my style. However, I understand that he destroyed the song and that this was one of the best vocals in Voice history. Not only did his voice blow TSoul’s (his biggest rival) own performance out of the water, but his emotion equaled that of Team Alicia’s early elimination, Stephanie Rice.

No shocker; the coaches adored the performance. Chris has always seemed to be a favorite of the judge panel, and this week was no different. The feeling I was receiving from the coaches and the audience told me that Chris was going to have a very successful result show the next day.

Vanessa Ferguson-“Superstar” // Grade: A

Explosive songstress, Vanessa Ferguson, seemed like a shoo-in for the top 8 up until last week when she barely escaped an Instant Save bloodbath over Team Adam’s Lilli Passero and Mark Isaiah. This week I was expecting her to be an automatic Bottom Two contestant, but this song choice by Luther Vandross made me reconsider.

Vanessa did not disappoint; she was fantastic, delivering her best live performance all season. This was (rather unexpectedly) my favorite showing of the night. Her voice was clear and strong, with no pitch problems in the slightest (*cough*tsoul*cough*). She even looked fabulous! I was completely captivated by this rendition.

The coaches agreed with me, giving her a standing ovation and praising her for her impressive comeback. I still didn’t know if this would be enough considering she had lost her momentum because of last week’s poorly recepted performance, but I was hoping for the best.

Jesse Larson-“I Was Wrong” // Grade: A

Team Adam’s sole survivor was going to have to pull out something extraordinary if he was looking to advance to the finals, and he DEFINITELY did. I love “I Was Wrong” by Chris Stapleton, and when I discovered one of my all-time favorite contestants would be singing it I freaked out. Adam has been nailing it with song choices for his remaining rocker, and he may have convinced me that Jesse has the strongest voice in the entire competition.

Wow. Closely behind Vanessa, Jesse was a favorite of mine on semi-finals night. He stunned me (and Adam) beyond belief. This was the perfect time for Jesse to display his expert skill with a guitar as well as display his impeccable range. For sure, Jesse’s best vocal up to date.

Adam’s praise for Jesse was unlike I’ve ever seen. I’ve been watching this show for quite some time and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a coach vouch for someone so intently, not even Pharrell and Hannah Huston! Jesse contended with the best tonight, shedding his common title of a¬†“middle of the pack contestant.”

Aliyah Moulden-“I Can Only Imagine” // Grade: A-

And lastly, my favorite, and rising star, Aliyah Moulden. This 15-year-old has emerged as the dark horse of the season after her emotional cover of Labyrinth’s “Jealous” to which she dedicated to her late father. “I Can Only Imagine” was surely a perfect choice to ensure a spot in the final for this young talent (on a side note, all the coaches, besides Gwen, were picking excellent songs).

WOW. After closing out the night with such an incredible performance, Aliyah was beaming ear to ear. Her vocals were extremely surprising to me, hitting notes that even Vanessa or Chris might¬†struggle to nail. I was on the edge of my seat as she continued through the song with the newfound momentum she was gaining. The only thing that may have distracted me was the strangely choreographed dancing, but let’s forget about that!!

The coaches loved Aliyah’s rendition, and I was starting to feel that Aliyah may have locked herself a spot in the top 4. Trust me, I (and probably Blake and Aliyah) was thinking about this performance for many hours after the show aired. STUNNED.

Part 2: Duets

Vanessa Ferguson and Chris Blue-“If I Ain’t Got You” // Grade: A

This performance was captivating. Surprisingly, Vanessa held her own against the dynamic vocalist that is Chris, and I would have to give the edge to her in this performance. Definitely, a rock-solid performance from Team Alicia’s remaining artists.

Aliyah Moulden and Hunter Plake-“Let it Go” // Grade: B-

Oh my. How is it that my two favorite contestants singing a favorite song of mine were the worst duet of the night? The harmonies; they were terrible. Alone, the two sounded incredible but their voice did not blend well at all. If I had to choose a winner, it would be Hunter because his voice better embodied this song.

TSoul and Jesse Larson-“I Wish” // Grade: A-

I thought that this would be the weakest pairing out of the four duets, but it certainly wasn’t. This turned out to be my personal favorite duet performance of the night. While I don’t think TSoul was as vocally exceptional as Jesse (who sounded¬†fantastic), both delivered exciting energy to this classic song.

Brennley Brown and Lauren Duski-“Good Hearted Woman” // Grade: B+

This performance was good, and nothing more. Neither of the country powerhouses stood out or sounded bad, and that was due to the fact that the song choice limited their ability to showcase their talents. I would give Brennley an edge, but overall this whole performance was easy to forget among the jaw-dropping individual showings.

Part 3: Results

On Tuesday night, Carson announced that the three top contestants would automatically receive a spot in the finale while the two least vote-getters would immediately be eliminated. The remaining three would sing again with one of them being instantly saved and becoming the fourth finalist. Carson also revealed that four solos (Lauren, Chris, Aliyah, and Hunter) and one duet (Vanessa and Chris) had entered the top 10 on iTunes and would receive the multiplier.

Based on the iTunes rankings, it was no shock who the top three were: Chris, Lauren, and Aliyah.

Chris BlueLauren DuskiAliyah Moulden

Then, Carson announced that Jesse, Hunter, and Brennley would sing for the fourth and final spot in the finale.

That meant that Vanessa (aghhh) and TSoul would automatically be eliminated in seventh and eighth place.

Part 4: Instant Save

Brennley Brown-“Warrior” // Grade: A-

I loved Brennley’s performance. It was heartfelt, emotional, and it was definitely a fight song. Her vocals were perfect, and she even introduced a little bit of a growl during the song to America. She would have fared much better had this been the song that she performed on Monday.

Hunter Plake-“Love Runs Out” // Grade: A-

I was surprised Hunter didn’t go an emotional route for the Instant Save. Instead, he went for One Republic’s “Love Runs Out” and while he sounded great and performed excellent, I’m just not sure if the song choice was right for an Instant Save. This was a song option that would have been good for a top 12 show.

Jesse Larson-“Tennessee¬†Whiskey” // Grade: A

Jesse chose the perfect song to close out the Instant Save. He stunned with impeccable vocal prowess and excellent pitch. Jesse went from zero to hero real fast.

Going into the Instant Save, I would have pegged Hunter as the likely winner due to his superior iTunes placements since the lives started. However, once Jesse start belting out a fan-favorite song, I knew that things might have been over for Gwen’s rising star. America agreed, and Jesse was saved by a large margin over Hunter and Brennley, thus leaving Gwen without an artist in the finals. It is shocking to me that neither Hunter or Brennley, early favorites, are in the final this season, but I am excited for what Jesse will deliver next week.

So there you have it; the semi-finals bloodbath has concluded. I will see you next week where a winner will be crowned, and that winner will most likely be Lauren Duski.

-Sean from Competition Shows

Survivor: Game Changers Power Rankings (TOP 6)

Tonight sent two frontrunner contestants packing, and with next weeks finale approaching, I am here to share with you my power rankings for the remaining six castaways who will find out if they are sole survivor next week.

1.) Sarah

Sarah Lacina

Once again, Sarah Lacina, a huge underdog, is continuing to make massive moves. She escaped a target on her back two times tonight without a single vote, and used her legacy advantage to completely and utterly blindside Michaela.

2.) Cirie

Cirie Fields

Cirie had a little flub tonight when she tried to use the advantage that Sarah has given to her when it was “non-transferable.” Regardless, she escaped this incident unscathed, although she will have to fight to gain Sarah’s trust back. Still, I think she is calm and poised to plead her case in the finale.

3.) Tai

ear page

Tai still has two idols! There have now been three times that he didn’t use his idol with a target on his back and made it through. With only three tribals remaining, he seems destined for the finals. However, the preview for the finale made it appear that he was gifting them to Brad and/or Troyzan. I hope he doesn’t do something stupid and screw it up for himself.

4.) Aubry

Aubry Bracco

It was Aubry’s time to make a big move after winning individual immunity and setting a Survivor record for the challenge she won. Unfortunately, it was not meant to be and her closest ally (Andrea) was sent packing. Aubry will have to force an alliance with Cirie and Sarah if she wants to make the final three, and if she gets there she will have to of made a huge move to win.

5) Brad

Brad Culpepper

Brad saved himself this week by winning immunity, but his target has not gone away. If he wants to win he will have to blindside one of his allies (maybe Tai). Brad’s chances of winning are steadily dropping.

6.) Troyzan

Troyzan Roberts

Troyzan, once again, was quiet throughout the entire episode. He may make the finale because he has an idol and doesn’t have a target on his back, but as of yet, he has done nothing to deserve the title of sole survivor.

-Sean from Competition Shows

The Amazing Race Season 29: Top 5 Rankings

With 5 teams left and shocking eliminations because of double U-turns, The Amazing Race is heating up. Here, I will rank the remaining teams from most likely to win to least likely.

1.) Matt and Redmond

Image result for matt and redmond

This duo has never even been close to going home. They have been at the front of the pack for the entire show, and I don’t think anyone, except Tara and Joey, will be able to beat them.

2.) Tara and Joey

Image result for tara and joey

This likable duo has won the most challenges out of any team and is continuously beating out favorite Matt and Redmond. I think Tara and Joey can definitely pull a win out this season, but we will just have to see.

3.) Becca and Floyd

Related image

The three bottom teams are pretty even, but Becca and Floyd have a slight disadvantage. They had been an extremely strong team up until the last leg, in which they placed second-to-last. Hopefully, their placement will not affect the time at which they move to their next location, because they are who I want to win.

4.) London and Logan

Image result for london and logan

I’m surprised this team is still in the race as well. Even though, they get along extremely well, they barely receive any screen time and they have never placed higher than fourth in any race. I think their time is soon going to come to an end.

5.) Brooke and Scott

Related image

Brooke and Scott have had the most arguments out of any remaining team, and I think their journey will come to an end soon. They did well at the last leg, but they are practically doomed to fight again, and the next preview even shows them frantically scrambling and yelling at each other.

-Sean from Competition Shows

Survivor: Game Changers Power Rankings (TOP 8)

Here are my power rankings, based on their performance on the season so far, for the remaining eight castaways on the current Survivor season.

1.) Sarah

Sarah Lacina

Sarah has definitely made the biggest moves out of the remaining players. She flipped to eliminate Ozzy, then flipped again to upset the Power Six by taking out Debbie, stole an advantage right from under Michaela’s nose, and was gifted¬†the Legacy Advantage from Sierra who she had stealthily voted out. Unlike some upcoming castaways, Sarah has not only played amazing, but has kept herself on the quiet side, which is exactly what she needs to win it all. If Sarah is able to make it to the final, she has, in my opinion, the best¬†chances of winning.

2.) Tai

ear page

Tai has received lots of attention this season and deservedly so. He has found three idols by now, one of which he rewarded to Sierra to keep his tribe in tact and send Malcolm packing, and two others which he has kept in secret. Tai has been strong in challenges, winning individual immunity once so far (a victory over Ozzy which sent the Survivor legend home). Knowing that Tai has two idols puts his chances of making the final extremely high, but I think he will need to make another big move in order to steal the crown from major players like Sarah and Andrea.

3.) Cirie

Cirie Fields

Cirie has managed to avoid having possibly the biggest target on her back out of any of the original twenty castaways. She has flipped a vote so that Hali went home instead of Michaela, and while she hasn’t had a standout move yet, she seems to be in it to win it.

4.) Andrea

Andrea Boehlke

Andrea is in control of this game right now. She has avoided attempts to eliminate her from Zeke, Debbie, and Sierra three times already, and has proven that she is running the show. She is constantly being called the biggest threat by the other remaining castaways, and has won two immunity challenges with ease. The only downfall to her chances is that she is by far the most targeted player left and she’ll have to pull out all the stops to make it to the end. If Andrea does make it to the top 3, I think no one can beat her (except maybe Sarah), but she will have a tough time getting there.

5.) Michaela

Michaela Bradshaw

Michaela has played an unique game so far, laying sort of low but also garnering lots of attention due to her sarcasm. She has been strong in challenges but hasn’t won individual immunity yet. Most of the game has seen her following what others tell her to, but she has managed to turn targets on her back into blindsides of J.T. and Hali. Also, her decision to take out Sierra rather than Andrea at the last tribal shows that she is able to think for herself. I’m not sure how good her chances of winning are, but she doesn’t have a big target on her back so she may slip into the finale.

6.) Brad

Brad Culpepper

Brad was a front-runner from the beginning, commanding the second Mana tribe with ease. He has managed to build strong relationships with Troyzan, Debbie, and Sierra, although the latter two have both already been eliminated. He, along with Tai, led to the elimination of Malcolm but Brad’s chances of pleading his case in the Top 3 are unlikely due to the wrong side of the numbers that he has fallen into. He will have to win lots of individual immunity challenges (he’s won one already) if he wants to remain in the competition.

7.) Aubry

Aubry Bracco

I’m rather shocked by Aubry’s gameplay so far this season. While she has almost always been on the right side of the numbers, she has played very quietly and submissively. There is a good chance that she will make it through the next few Tribal Councils but she will have to make a major move, which she is entirely capable of doing, if she wants to win a million dollars.

8.) Troyzan

Troyzan Roberts

Troyzan has done little to separate himself from the rest of the pack. His name has never come up in Tribal, he has an immunity idol, and has won an individual immunity challenge so far, but has received no attention for his gameplay thus far. He is on the wrong side of the numbers as of now, and I have a feeling he will be one of the next people to go.



Welcome to my blog! My name is Sean and I am here to share my love for shows with a good competition.

Here are my predictions for the semi-finals on the Voice Season 12, which air next week! As of now, there are eight singers left and four will advance. Here are my predictions for the coming week!

Image result for the voice top 8

How the voting works this week is the three singers with the most amount of votes are automatically placed in the finale, the two with the least amount of votes will be eliminated immediately, and the middle three voted contestants will get a chance to sing and then one of the three will advance to the final as well.

Here are my predictions:

Top 3: 

-Hunter Plake


-Lauren Duski


-Brennley Brown


Middle 3:

-Aliyah Moulden


-Chris Blue


-Jesse Larson


Bottom 2:



-Vanessa Ferguson

Vanessa Ferguson

Additional comments: I feel that Hunter and Lauren are locks for the top 3. Brennley and Chris will fight for that last spot, and I think Brennley will prevail but Chris will get saved in the Middle Three. Jesse is a lock for the middle three in my opinion and Vanessa Ferguson is a lock for the bottom based off last week’s vote. Aliyah and TSoul will also be fighting for a spot. If Aliyah takes an emotional route she will most likely beat the latter out, but if she doesn’t she may be knocked out.

-Sean from Competition Shows